Cardiac Surgery Department

The Cardiac Surgery department at Medikay Cardiac Center is a high-volume center for treatment of heart disease—with volume of cases being handled increasing year to year since our hospital started offering cardiac care. Given the direct correlation between volumes and outcomes, our expertise bodes well for patients. With so many surgeons considered leaders in the field, numerous new, less invasive technologies have been developed or championed by our surgeons. Our team offers all options from the least invasive/ percutaneous therapies, to minimally invasive/ port access, to major open heart surgery, all with outstanding outcomes.

At the heart of our department is the focus on quality and superb outcomes. We use a patient-centered approach, and our experienced surgeons make sure that every procedure ensures the best outcomes for the patients.

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Facilities at Medikay Cardiac Center

All of the patients will find a wide range of facilities in our hospital such as;

  • Dedicated Cardiac OT designed as per the International
  • Health Facility Guidelines
  • 24/7 Cardiac Surgery, including Cardiac Bypass, Valvular and
  • Structural Heart Surgeries
  • State of the art Equipment backed by well-equipped ITC and
  • Critical Care Unit
  • Highly trained Medical & Paramedical staff


Striving for a unique culture of excellence and innovation, our mission is to promote all aspects of heart health by providing compassionate patient care, quality education and cutting-edge research.

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Why Choose Medikay for Heart Stent Surgery?

Medikay Cardiac Centre’s Cardiac Surgery Department provides holistic care and treatment for patients with cardiac and vascular heart conditions. Post-surgery rehabilitation and physiotherapy sessions are included in all our surgery packages. Our experienced and qualified clinical team work together to provide personalised care to each patient.

  • Renowned and Experienced team of surgeons
  • Holistic approach to cardiac care; our department works closely with the departments of Cardiology, Radiology, Nephrology and Laboratory services to provide holistic care to the patients.
  • Our surgeons, physicians, assistants, nurses and staff work together to deliver innovative care, aiming at improved outcomes and quality of life to our patients.
Medikay Cardiac Centre